AIR JET air pressure shower

AIR JET Hand Held Type Water Saving Shower Head

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Reducing your water consumption and also saving on your heating costs. Our water saving shower head can save up to 70% water and still deliver the same great performance.

Air Jet (Hand Held Type Water Saving Shower Head)

Features of Hand Held Type Water Saving Shower Head:

1. World first Vacuum Tube is installed (Vacuum Tube size :6 x 2 cm )

2. Water saving effect until 50% : Water supply with Water 50% and Air 50% mixed

3. Using Water quantity is 50% reduced , but water pressure is up.

4. Suit for water price high country

5. Easy install and management (Compatible is excellent)

6. Long lasting robust material : ABS and Polycarbonate

Key features : • Simple water volume control by the jet core replaced. • Treble stronger durability with shock-resistant ABS resin. • Installed with a Silicon O-ring endurable in high temperature. • Prevent breaking a shower head by a 4 fixed rings in a connective part to water hose. • Feel showering enough by the maximized spouting angle. • Easy Clean Nozzles. • 36 no-clog spray channels. • Handheld type

Water Saving Shower Heads with new air jet technology delivers fewer litres of water per minute but still gives the user a very satisfying burst of water thanks to the latest in Air Jet Technology. 

Still have that power shower feeling, saving water and saving money and reducing your energy costs. By installing our water saving shower head with new air jet technology, you will save water, save money, and will reduce your energy costs. Water Saving Air Jet Shower Head will still produce a comfortable, high pressured shower even if with low pressure water system