rotating heat composter Suitable for smaller households (2 to 4 people or 7Kg waste per day)

dual chambers &dual doors, ease of rotation, rodent proof design

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rotating heat compost for convenient and simple use all the year round. Enjoy seeing the conversion of your kitchen waste into nutritious compost earth. Compost earth with which you can fertilize lawns, pot plants, and flower beds.

Mixing is necessary for making a compost to work well. Both for making the fresh waste coming into contact with that already mouldered, thereby rendering the process more effective, and in order to add air, necessary for the high demand for oxygen of the process. This is done in a very simple way because the JORA composters are constructed for easy rotation. Furthermore it is very easy to adjust the air supply to suit the quantity of waste by aid of ventilators in the side walls of the machine. Insufficient airing makes a compost smell bad. Breaking down of a compost generates heat. Different microorganisms start working at different temperatures. Our composters is well insulated and allows the temperature to rise to as high as +75 degrees centigrade at maximum breaking down. Without insulation it may not be possible to reach such a high temperature, which in turn means that microorganisms demanding high temperatures for their activity will never start working. Using an insulated, rotating compost you get a more even heat distribution and an active breaking down process in the entire volume. That is why composting is made rapid; approximately 6-8 weeks time. The high composting temperature makes the JORA composters especially suited for kitchen waste. Two compartments, for maximum result JK 125/270/400 is divided into two compartments to make emptying and bringing to maturity easier. It also means that your kitchen waste could be added every day, but still be able to mature for 6-8 weeks after the last batch was put in.

Dimensions: 94 cm X 71 cm X (height: from ground to the door) 61 cm

Weight (empty):29 Kg Weight (full):122 Kg

Volume: 124 liters Capacity:6,4 kg or 10 -12 liter / per week

Suitable for: smaller households (2 to 4 people - depending on how much waste is generated)

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JK Manual

jk125 Assembly instructions